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OSG - Open System Group AB

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OSG - Open System Group AB
The Company
OSG: Tyresö

OSG was founded in 1994 and today has annual sales of approximately MSEK 25. We are located in Tyresö (about 15 km outside Stockholm).

We are now fifteen associates, all of which work with open systems solutions. OSG is also a member of the FRT, Förenade Reglertekniker.
  • Give our clients impartial advice
  • Create tools for cost-effective and reliable operation and management
  • Create brand independent solutions
  • Inventories and investigations in real estate and industrial automation
  • Design of control and monitoring systems
  • Establishment of costing
  • Evaluation of systems and software for real estate and industrial automation
  • Shipping, programming and deployment of open superior system
Why choose us as partner?
In order to achieve an optimal parent monitoring process requires knowledge and understanding of the technical operation. We have extensive experience of planning, design, programming and commissioning of automation systems.

By combining this experience with high level knowledge of software for open systems, we can offer a modern open system solution, customized for operational techniques  and managers.

OSG is an objective partner. We are not resellers of any specific software and thus can objectively select the software that is best suited for the current project.